About Us

Tynet Dynamics is a unique technology based/ I.T company, our focus is to provide a global solution to businesses for all Information Technology and Digital Environment solutions. Our Clients are thrilled with our services and even more thrilled with our excellent pricing structure.

The world is becoming more digital every day and we offer a range of services to clients that exceed the industry standards at a highly cost effective pricing structure. Gaining the recognition within our market place as an I.T company that always provide a solution which is relevant to our client’s needs is of the utmost importance.
A combination of 50+ years’ expertise in various sectors of the I.T industry such as Server and Network Management, Website Design, Domain Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, AdWords Management and Computer Hardware Sales all allow us to meet the immediate needs of all of our clients as well as provide solutions, support and recommendations for future expansion.

South African business is highly saturated with a variety of corporate companies down to sole trading individuals who only offer individual services in industry which requires companies to have to deal with numerous providers to gain all the technological benefits available in today’s time, this increases the expenses of such services and very often becomes too expensive for small businesses to benefit from.

Customer driven satisfaction procedures at Tynet Dynamics insure for less downtime, more accurate information and recommendations on customer’s actual requirements and policies which ultimately save our client money.

We are here to re-establish the professionalism and trust within our industry to all our clients, to offer a product and service which is reasonably priced and relevant to your needs, to eliminate the extremely overpriced competition and to restore the faith in our community of business owners that I.T is essentially a cost effective tool which benefits companies, assists them and is recognized as an asset that they rely on and trust.

We are here for verification that you are getting what you are paying for, optimization of your requirements for the possible pricing and recommendations for all your I.T related requirements.

Technology is ultimately a tool that yields massive benefits to its users when managed correctly, Let us help you make the most of it!

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