Google AdWords is a form of “pay per click” advertising that is designed to bring you exposure in the digital world. Whether you are looking for more traffic to your website, you want to create brand awareness, you want to generate leads or make sales, this is the best advertising platform to use.

Why YOU Need Google AdWords

  • AdWords works instantaneously: There are no delays with pay per click advertising. As soon as you set everything up, you start seeing results.
  • AdWords increases traffic to your site: People ask Google before they ask anyone else. If your site pops up at the top of search results, thanks to pay per click, you can guarantee that people will flock to your site.
  • AdWords is very cost-effective: Since you only pay when people click on your sponsored result, there is no money wasted.
  • AdWords levels the playing field: With pay per click it doesn’t matter whether you are a big company or a small business starting out. If you have a good site to back up your pay per click campaign you can increase your revenue almost instantaneously.
    AdWords helps increase income while other marketing is in the pipeline: Marketing like search engine optimization doesn’t happen immediately and pay per click can serve as the bridge between customers and your site until the search engine optimization kicks in.
  • AdWords is 100% Measurable: You can monitor your AdWords campaign every step of the way, from when the searcher clicks, until when the searcher fills out a form. The targeting and data capture is arguably the most precise of any form of advertising.

This is a very quick way to get your business started/off the ground quickly.

Pay-per-click is definitely the most affordable way of advertising products and services and definitely one of the more effective means of doing so. It’s advantage being that you as the seller/provider only pay once a potential client has clicked on the applicable advert. A more refined, better targeted and statically measurable form of advertising instead of the standard banner ads on the highway or pamphlets at the robot’s approach.

In a digital world – You have to advertise digitally, this is both the most cost effective solution of advertising for your company but most importantly – You are advertising to your target market directly and only paying to market to them!