Social Media Marketing

As so many companies are using social media to promote their businesses we recommend that you take the time to fully understand the potential and requirements for this type of marketing to benefit your company.

  • As social media sites have designed these platforms in a way which is simple enough for everyone to use we no longer offer a service to manage these pages for our clients.
  • The service we now offer for SMM is a 1 day training course to be done at your company with 1 – 2 employees in the programme.
  • The programme comes with 90 day telephonic support after the training has been completed.

The training programme for SMM costs between R3000 – R5000 for the course depending on how many people are present in the training programme.
This price includes all the graphical media that your company will require to begin a very professional marketing campaign on social media and the training material required.

Note: If this training is for a client who already has any our existing services in place such as an SLA, Website or Domain Hosting, SEO etc etc then there is a 50% discount which applies immediately.